Hurricane Sandy Cutting Boards

As you all know, Hurricane Sandy terrorized and devastated the east coast a little over a year ago; many people lost everything they had in their possession and are still not even close to recovering.  My wife and I had driven through some parts of Pennsylvania that were hit by the hurricane while on our cross country trip, and I wanted to do something that would have some type of positive impact on the area.  I purchased around 6 feet of a fallen Walnut tree from Pennsylvania that had fallen during the storm, and had it slabbed up and shipped to my studio in Costa Mesa. I did not have any plans on what I would do with the slabs for a while, but wanted to somehow make people more aware of the personal impact Sandy had on its victims, as well as find a way to give some of the proceeds from whatever project I ended up doing back to the people it affected.  I ended up making a bunch of cutting boards, each one of a kind, and all bearing a laser engraved logo that reads: Hurricane Sandy 10.23.12. $10 of each board sold goes straight to Waves For Water ( 

Here are a few photos of the tree when I first got it at my studio.


I had the slabs resawn, then began making the first of the boards. Here are some shots of them, they are all available here.

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