I just retired the top of the resin table that I have used for the last 2 years to create over 40 pieces of artwork on. I will be auctioning it off tomorrow on Instagram. The auction should be a fun social experiment and a way for someone to get this relic that I created so much art on.

The piece is framed out with a matte black select pine frame. The overall dimensions are: 74" wide x 42" tall x 2.5" deep. It is caked, in a completely organic pattern, with layers of paints and resin that flowed off of the steel canvases that I used for my paintings. The drips, pools, and patterns that live together on the piece tell the story of a table that has had so much use, and will hopefully live on for many more years to come.  I had the idea to auction this off over a year ago, and am excited that the time has finally come.

The winner will pick it up from my studio in Costa Mesa, and will also get a studio tour over a cup of coffee. 

Auction starts Friday the 21st at 9AM PST, and will end at 7PM PST the same day. Hop on over to Instagram to partake in the fun.

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