Buy Once | Buy Forever | Invest in Quality

It is a great feeling to buy quality made things. Often it cost more up front and we may hesitate for a little while while looking at the cheaper alternatives. But when we make the investment to buy something well designed/made and built to last, we enjoy and savor every encounter we have with such product. We use it more, enjoy it more, and treasure it more. Whether it be a well made car, a leather bag, a tailored suit or a handmade knife, we are sure to cherish and maintain the care of that given product.

"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." - Aldo Gucci

I am in the process of making many more Haack tables and this idea of quality and making things that are built to last is constantly on my mind. I have wanted to show the hard work and the process that is behind each and every one of these tables.

This will be a couple of blog posts, the first one being the cutting, welding, grinding and drilling of the bases. Below are photos that I have taken of the metal craftsmen that make every base here in southern CA. I took these photos on one of the hottest days of the year, it was 99 degrees and I was sweating just taking photos, not to mention these gentleman welding the bases. I have profound respect and honor for the work they do, and it is a joy to have a good relationship with these men.