Woolsey Ping Pong Table

No joke, I cried when I got my first ping pong table. Cried, as in I hated it, and never wanted one. Not like I had been wanting one for years and was finally able to check it off the list. When Santa Claus delivered one to our house that year at the youthful age 10, I think all I had on my list was Teddy Ruxpin or something in that vein. Little did I know that ping pong would become an obsession and something that I came to love very quickly. Fast forward a year, and I was already beating my dad (sorry dad if you're reading this). Super fast forward 10 years later, and I was playing daily for an hour or so during the time when I worked designing apparel to fuel inspiration and clear the mind. Ping Pong has been a love for two decades now. Thank you Santa Claus for delivering it that year, and sorry for the temper tantrum I threw. I am forever grateful for that large table you sledded down from the North Pole.

Making a pong table has been a dream of mine ever since I started making furniture, yet I was hesitant to take on the effort. In mid-2015 our team began talking about design ideas, and what we would want in a pong table. We wanted one that was built to last, out of solid hardwood, with a good bounce (we measured it to make sure it was in line with a normal pong table), and an absolutely stunning and unique design. We wanted to keep it simple and sleek, but able to be used for more than just a game if need be. No gimmicks, no folding, no hooplas. We knew that people that would want this piece to be the showpiece that it is and would not be lugging it in and out of the garage for assembly.

Designed and crafted in our Costa Mesa Atelier, the Woolsey Ping Pong table is now available. Made of American Black Walnut, with a Sugar Maple center line. A powder coated steel net is added or taken off in seconds via quick bolts, allowing it to morph between a ping pong table and a conference or dining table. Solid Black walnut legs sleeve into the steel base. Comes with two custom Black Walnut and Maple paddles, Japanese 3 star balls, and a beautiful wall mount to store everything on. Made to ITTF spec size. Available now, exclusively here.





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