Woolsey Scout Desk Now Available

The Woolsey Scout Desk is now available for sale here!

Designed to be the brother of the Agent desk, but more minimal. Made of American Black Walnut and a steel powder coated base with turned walnut leg inserts. The Scout Desk is a minimalists' best friend, with only what you need, nothing you don't, harnessing a timeless simple design. Comes with a built-in leather mouse pad, that secretly opens with a strong magnetic wood geode (provided), and allows for perfect storage of writing instruments, note pad and mouse. A magnetic power block (2 power, 4 USB) can be attached anywhere on the steel frame, and moved in a second's notice depending on when and where you need power. Rounded corners and eased edges on the top provide a comfortably soft and beautifully durable work surface to help you crank for years to come.

Sean WoolseyComment