Roubo Bench Build


I have dreamt about building a Roubo workbench for years now. Probably ever since I really got hooked on woodworking, I have lusted after them, but always been intimidated to build one. It seemed like the mecca of benches. After several years of working on simple benches, thinking of what I would want in a bench, I finally took a couple weeks and dedicated it to building a Roubo. The leg vise and tail vise is from Benchcrafted, they make the best vices out there, made in the USA. I used soft maple for the top and Black Walnut for the tail blocks and sliding deadmen. We finished building the bench right after Thanksgiving, and it was finished with boiled linseed oil. The thing weighs a ton (probably around 400lbs) and can clamp work in any scenario easily and quickly. After a couple of months of working with it I LOVE it and would not change anything about it. I cant wait to see how this ages over the years, and to see how many things will be built using this. If I had a bigger shop I would make a second larger one! Enjoy.

Sean Woolsey2 Comments