Woolsey Shuffleboard Table is Now Available

I will be honest, we have been dreaming of making a shuffleboard table since we came out with our ping pong table. We are lovers of the puck sliding game and are excited to introduce ours finally. 

The Woolsey Shuffleboard Table has a rift-sawn white oak top, with 2 coats of UV resistant epoxy resin. The gutters are lined with a charcoal grey industrial felt. There are hidden levelers under the table to align and perfectly level out the playing table if need be. Solid black walnut legs (with hidden leg levelers) sleeve into the steel frame, and we used black walnut on the top of the table around the perimeter. We also used black walnut to inlay the lines and the numbers. The table comes with 4 white and 4 black pucks, plenty of shuffleboard salt (aka wax, powder, sand), and a magnetic wall mount to hold the pucks when not in use. 

The Woolsey Shuffleboard table is available here.

Sean WoolseyComment