Good Morning America Ping Pong Table

We recently had the privilege of selling a Woolsey Walnut Ping Pong table to Good Morning America. Our ping pong table will be featured on the GMA (Good Morning America) set airing on September 10th. It is on their show GMA Day (the 3rd hour of GMA) with hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines.

The GMA ping-pong table purchased for the GMA set is made out of black walnut and rock maple with a steel base.

Before I go on if you're in a hurry you can find out about acquiring a Woolsey ping-pong table or one of his other fine pieces right here.

Now for a few fun facts about Good Morning America and Sean Woolsey Studio.

Good morning America (GMA) has been on the air for 43 years. While good morning America proudly launched their new season and new set this week Sean Woolsey Studio just released their most comprehensive and I might add stunning catalog weighing in at 43 pages. Coincidence, I think not! If you would like to get your very own copy of the "Sean Woolsey Studio Crafted in California" catalog you can order one while they last. At a mere $25 it might be the best bargain of 2018. A signed copy is a mere $10 more.

The production locations are on opposite ends of the US. Good morning America comes to you from New York City. While the Sean Woolsey ping-pong table comes to you from Costa Mesa California.

Running time. GMA runs for 120 minutes Monday through Friday. Sean Woolsey (himself) on the other hand runs for about 45 minutes twice a week.

The camera set up for good morning America is multiple cameras that cost a small fortune.

Sean Woolsey Studio camera set up consist of an iPhone and the camera equipment that his good friends at Wolf Camp Studios own.

Little-known facts about both GMA and Sean Woolsey studios is that GMA was preceded by AM America.

While Sean Woolsey studio was preceded by Sean Woolsey owning and designing clothing brands.

Good morning America features news stories, weather reports, human interest stories interviews with various guest and stories about pop culture and entertainment. Sean Woolsey studio on the other hand handmakes over 20 different furniture designs. To see more go to

Good Morning America has been the most-watched morning television show in the United States since mid-2012. Sean Woolsey Studio pieces has quickly become one of the most sought-after makers of fine furniture and pieces on the planet.We have shipped our work all over the world, from Dubai to Hawaii to Africa.

GMA has a large cast of people appearing on the show. Too many to mention in fact. However, it appears (this may change at any time) that Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Michael Strahan are three of the most used but airtime varies based on needs.

The team at Sean Woolsey studio is a tight-knit group of talented craftsmen. They also work with highly skilled upholsterers, woodworkers, and welders all in the area of Costa Mesa California

Good Morning America airs live at 1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific.

 We can now officially say "as seen on Good Morning America." 

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